Jason and The Scorchers - EMI Years 2008


Jason and The Scorchers - EMI Years 2008


Essential, Vol. 1 (Are You Ready for the Country?) compiles Jason & the Scorchers' first EP, Fervor, and their debut LP, Lost & Found, adding four bonus tracks for good measure. It's an excellent way to acquire their best records, yet it was replaced four years later by the nearly identical Both Sides of the Line, which featured the EP and LP without the bonus tracks. [A two-disc version of Essential, Vol. 1 was reissued and remastered with bonus tracks in 2008 as The EMI Years.]

1. Absolutely Sweet Marie
2. Help There's A Fire
3. I Can't Help Myself
4. Hot Nights In Georgia
5. Pray For Me Mama (I'm A Gypsy Now)
6. Harvest Moon
7. Both Sides Of The Line
8. Last Time Around
9. White Lies
10. If Money Talks
11. I Really Don't Want To Know
12. Blanket Of Sorrow
13. Shop It Around
14. Lost Highway
15. Still Lied
16. Brokwn Whiskey Glass
17. Far Behind
18. Change The Tune
19. Are You Ready For The Country
20. Greetings From Nashville
21. Honky Tonk Blues (live)
22. Absolutely Sweet Marie (live)

1. Golden Ball And Chain
2. Crashin' Down
3. Shotgun Blues
4. Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
5. My Heart Still Stands With You
6. 19th Nervous Breakdown
7. Ocean Of Doubt
8. Ghost Town
9. Take Me To Your Promised Land

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