Sam Baker - The Anchor Barcombe Mills 2007


Sam Baker - The Anchor Barcombe Mills 2007

Sam Baker
The Anchor Inn
Barcombe Mills, nr Lewes
4 December 2007

Sam Baker is a country singer-songwriter out of Austin, Texas. Here’s a man who can’t really sing, but mostly just speaks. Who’s deaf on one side, partially deaf on the other. And who can’t use all his fingers while playing guitar anymore. And yet Sam Baker manages to make what has got to be one of the finest Americana albums in recent years. He believes in storytelling and that everyone is at the mercy of another one's dream. 2: Sam Baker was a black Southern Soul artist born 1941... orn 1941 in Jackson, MS, who began his career singing secular music rather than in gospel like most other of his kind at the time. However, he was influenced by gospel as well as blues performers, and performed with the likes of Jimmy Reed, Clyde McPhatter, and others early in his career. He went on to become one of the memorable artists on the legendary Sound Stage 7 label, releasing more sides for the label than any other artist except Joe Simon. The Soulscape reissue label recently re-released this SS7 material on CD. The streamable tracks on this page are a few of his cuts.

CD 1
01. Intro - banter
02. Slots
03. Baseball
04. concrete woman
05. Orphan
06. the menu > pike > reputations
07. Sweetly Undone
08. Brighton > golf > tough
09. Waves
10. Gardeners Arms > New Orleans
11. St. James Infirmary
12. Intro to.. > turrets > putters
13. Thursday  
14. Taj Mahal > Prince Albert > intro to ...
15. Juarez > mean eyed cat people  

CD 2
01. Townes > New York
02. Psychic
03. Change  
04. Pony
05. Boxes
06. about Fred
07. Truale
08. Intro to ...
09. Broken Fingers  
10. Thanks > this island > Bond > last orders > narrow road
11. Angels  > audience
12. drink
13. Go In Peace, Live In Grace
14. Down By The Riverside

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