Grant Tingey - New Moon Over Harmony Corners 2009


Grant Tingey - New Moon Over Harmony Corners 2009

Grant Tingey has toured Europe and Canada, bringing his unique vocal stylings and songs to countless folks worldwide. His releases with darkHorse traditions on their various radio collections has assured Grant of consistent chart-topping success with many indie presenters in many countries. Living a real family life in rural southern ontario is examined and described in his songs. The Grant Tingey cd was produced by Randall Cousins at Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton, Ontario.

01. No More Hugs and Kisses from Loretta
02. Dance Hall Girl
03. Take This Rose to Mama
04. Stupid Me
05. I Still Think of You
06. One Way Love
07. Three Wishes
08. I Drink To Forget
09. New Moon Over Harmony Corners
10. Len and His Pen
11. Make Me Believe That It's True
12. In Canada
13. Pickin' Up The Piece

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