The Far West - The Far West 2011


The Far West  - The Far West  2011

The Far West have an authentically Americana sound that’s been described as something like Waylon’s band jamming with Wilco. In keeping with the W theme one also hears a little Willie, Whiskeytown and Woody, as in Guthrie, in their music. Their songs are highly personal, introspective and original and betray a deep love of American music that runs from ‘Nashville Skyline’ to the Opry of the 1950’s, from the red dirt of South Texas to the streets of Bakersfield. It’s music you can dance to, st...

01. Bitter, Drunk and Cold
02. Bound To Lose
03. A Town Called Lonesome
04. Where I Get Off
05. Nothing Like You
06. The Best Company (Misery Ever Had)
07. Gone To Texas
08. Maricopa City Lights
09. I'll Never Drink Again
10. Not Far To Fall
11. What's Done Is Done
12. Tears On The Pillowcase

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