Shelly Streeter - Colection 1997


Shelly Streeter - Colection 1997

"I think things are a lot different for me because I did put my career ambitions on hold, to get married and raise my children, before I decided to follow my dream of being an entertainer. The fact that I started my career later in my life has proven to be beneficial to me in many ways. As I lived my life and matured as a wife, mother, friend, lover, person; I realized that my life experiences added depth to my music and it was easier for me to write solid lyrics because the more you live, the more you have to give." Shelly Streeter

When she isn't on tour in Europe or Australia, Shelly stays busy performing in and around her hometown of Modesto, California ... but you may have had to look twice to recognize her and you never know who she is going to be appearing on stage with.

That is Shelly performing fantastic music from the 60's with The Sensations; a dynamic trio comprised of Penny White, Debbie Farrell, Claudio Streeter and Shelly ... And that beautiful blonde singer with the dynamic Rick and The Rockets, who perform those great songs from the 50's, is also our very own Shelly. And she still performs regularly with her own country music Streetrbilt Band. So if that blonde with the band looks familiar ... don't be surprised to find out that it's Shelly.

01. Hurricane
02. Purple Bows
03. Call Me a Wildfire
04. Go Down Swingin'
05. Broken Dreams
06. Mama Done Told Me
07. Fiddle And Bow
08. Sweet Love Tonight
09. Rock the Country
10. I'll Be There
11. Run Away Little Tear
12. Gain The World

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