Josh Peek - Collection 2011


Josh Peek - Collection 2011

Josh was born and raised in the Texas Hill Country, in Comfort Texas. He participated in sports and music throughout his school years. After graduating high school, he went onto college at Tarleton State University. After returning home shortly after beginning college to help his family, Josh went back to school, this time at South Plains College in Levelland to study music. Josh acknowledges that this is some of the best music training he could have gotten, and wishes he could have spent more time there because he feels that he could have learned so much more, but again he returned home to help his family. Josh had aspirations of becoming a professional bull rider, but chose to end his bull riding career when he suffered an injury in 2004 while riding a bull that left him with nine broken ribs and a punctured lung. While Josh had always loved and performed in music, the end to his bull riding career made him more focused on the music.
Josh got his start in performing music at the age of 8 singing at open mic night at the Inn of the Hills in Kerrville. He then began playing venues all around the hill country on a regular basis as he grew up. His first CD came out in 2001 under Cowboy Capital Records in Bandera. The CD was titled “Bull Rider’s Dream” and contained 10 tracks that were written by Josh about his love of bull riding and rodeo, and about growing up in the Texas Hill Country. Five years later, he released his first live album, “Live at Nelson City,” recorded at Nelson City Dance Hall, where he performed some of the tracks from the first CD, and some tracks that were yet to be released. Then in 2007, he released his next studio CD, “Central Texas Kid” which was recorded at Flashpoint Studio in Austin and produced by John Inmon. Again, the tracks were penned by Josh and written about his life experiences, pains and joys and about life in the Hill Country. All the while, Josh has continued to play bars, honky tonks, and dancehalls, weddings, parties and casinos, all across Texas and the southern United States. Josh is soon to be releasing his 3rd studio CD, "Running From The Bull."


01. Bucking Bulls
02. Dontcha Bring Me Anymore
03. Live On
04. The Truth
05. Something Bout The Rain
06. Waltzin All Alone
07. You Mighta Been Robbed
08. I Love Drunk Women
09. Port Aransas Sand
10. Comfort In Texas
11. Wahoo!
12. Bull Rider's Dream
13. Buckin Chute Saloon
14. Cold Dead Hands
15. Barbed Wire
16. You Mighta Been Robbed
17. Drunk Women
18. Where Have All the Cowgirls Gone
19. Central Texas Kid

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