Caryl Mack Parker - 2 Albums


Caryl Mack Parker - 2 Albums

Caryl "Mack" Parker is a nationally renowned recording artist, songwriter and session singer. After leaving Abilene, Texas in the late 80's, Caryl followed her musical heart throughout the Western U.S. performing over 300 dates a year, eventually landing in Portland, Oregon where she resided for 9 years.

All the work paid off. After generating significant independent buzz, sold-out live dates, and major-market radio airplay, offers from major publishers and record labels soon followed. Caryl, husband Scott, and their young daughter, Jessie, moved to Nashville in 1994, and began to put down musical roots in Music City USA.

In 1996, Caryl released her solo album, "Caryl Mack Parker", on indie label, Magnatone Records, garnering critical praise from such publications as Billboard Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and Music Row Magazine. Critics have called her voice "the perfect instrument" and her music "a masterpiece".

Her music has aired on hundreds of the largest major-market radio stations and video channels. She's had multiple Top 40 Adult-Alternative and Country Radio singles, with guest appearances on braodcast networks Sony Worldwide, AfterMidnight, TNN and Huntsman Broadcasting. Her videos have received heavy "Hot-Shot" rotations on CMT and GAC, and she was a 3x guest on Prime Time Country.

She has served as a staff writer for major music publishers Warner/Chappell, Hamstein, and Scream Music, and has written songs for such artist as Patty Loveless and television shows such as "The West Wing." She's been a regular face at Nashville's famous Bluebird Cafe and works as a session vocalist for many of Nashville's top recording artists and writers.

Caryl Mack Parker - Caryl Mack Parker (1996)

01.   Better Love Next Time          
02.   Bourbon Confession          
03.   When I Come to My Senses          
04.   Sunset in Abilene          
05.   What's One More Day          
06   Shoes Beside My Shoes          
07   One Night Stand            
08   In the Place of Love          
09   It's Good to be Me          
10   Deeper Than That          
11   In The Same Breath

Pat Buchanan (Guitar (Electric)),
John Catchings (Cello, String Arrangements),
Dan Dugmore (Pedal Steel, Guitar (Electric), Lap Steel Guitar),
Larry Franklin (Fiddle, (Mandolin),
Tony Harrell (Piano, Organ (Hammond)),
Porter Howell (Guitar),
Anthony Martin (Vocals (Background), Wurlitzer),
Gary Ogan (Vocals (Background)),
Scott Parker (Guitar (Acoustic, Vocals (Background), Guitar (12 String), Hi String Guitar, Guitar (12 String Acoustic)),
Alison Prestwood (Guitar (Bass)),
Stephony Smith (Vocals (Background)),
Kenny Vaughan (Guitar (Electric)),
Kristin Wilkinson (Viola),
Lex Browning (Guitars (Acoustic & Electric), Vocals (Background)),
Brian David Willis (Percussion, Drums, Keyboards, Organ (Hammond),
Tammy Rodgers (Fiddle, Mandolin),
Caryl Mack Parker (Mandolin, Piano, (Composer), Vocals (Background)),
John Bunzow (Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Vocals (Background), Hi String Guitar (Acoustic)),
Tim Lauer (Piano, Accordion, Harmonium),
Cathy Majeski (Vocals (Background)),
Steve Mandile (Vocals (Background)).

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Caryl Mack Parker - Rancho Divine 2008

01. The Love in Your Eyes
02. Crumblin'
03. Lipstick in Las Vegas
04. The Next Thing You Feel
05. When It's Right
06. Rough & Tumbled
07. When Sadie Met Grady
08. I Can't Get Over You
09. At the Door of My Heart
10. Like Us Together

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