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McBride & the Ride

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McBride & the Ride was an American country music band initially composed of Terry McBride (lead vocals, bass guitar), Ray Herndon (background vocals, guitar, Dobro) and Billy Thomas (background vocals, drums, percussion). The group was founded in 1989 through the assistance of record producer Tony Brown. McBride & the Ride's first three albums — Burnin' Up the Road, the gold-certified Sacred Ground, and Hurry Sundown, released in 1991, 1992, and 1993, respectively — were all issued on MCA Records. These albums also produced several hits on the Billboard country charts, including the Top 5 hits "Sacred Ground" (their highest-peaking, at #2), "Going Out of My Mind", "Just One Night" and "Love on the Loose, Heart on the Run".

McBride & the Ride - Sacred Ground 1992

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1. Love's on the Line
2. Sacred Ground
3. Makin' Real Good Time
4. Going Out of My Mind
5. Trick Rider
6. All I Have to Offer You Is Me
7. Your One and Only
8. I'm the One
9. Baby I'm Loving You Now
10. Just One Night

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McBride & the Ride - Hurry Sundown 1993

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01. Love On The Loose, Heart On The Run                
02. Hurry Sundown                
03. Don't Be Mean To Me                 
04. The Promise Land                
05. Hangin' In Hangin' On                
06. Tell Me Again                
07. Cream At The Crop                
08. Hold On To Me And Let Go Off The Past            
09. Just The Thought Of Losing You                
10. Sweetwater                
11. Somebody Will (bonus)               
12. High Hopes And Empty Pockets (bonus)               

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McBride & the Ride - Country's Best 1996

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01. Sacred Ground
02. Hurry Sundown
03. Just One Night
04. Felicia
05. Every Step Of The Way
06. Same Old Star
07. No More Cryin'
08. Going Out Of My Mind
09. Love On The Loose, Heart On The Run
10. Can I Count On You

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