Jody Nix - Twin Fiddles Turn Me On 2010


Jody Nix - Twin Fiddles Turn Me On 2010

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Jody Nix's father, Hoyle Nix, was a Texas legend in his own right, and quite obviously passed the torch on to Jody who performs over 100 dates a year with his great band, The Texas Cowboys. Jody started performing when he was eight and first recorded as a special guest on the final Bob Wills album in 1973. He and his band, The Texas Cowboys, keep the twin fiddle western swing tradition alive with over 100 dates a year. Jody has been inducted into both the Western Swing Society Hall of Fame and the Texas Western Swing Hall Of Fame. Twin Fiddles Turn Me On is the ninth album from the man who keeps both his family and Texas traditions flying high to the delight of audiences nationwide.

01. Twin Fiddles Turn Me On
02. It's The Cheatin' She loves
03. She's Killin' Me
04. Angel Judy
05. Ever Since My Baby Went Away
06. Let's Get It Over And Done With
07. Pretty Words
08. I Just Can't Take It Anymore
09. She Went A Little Bit Farther
10. She Won't Let Me Forget Her
11. One More Rose
12. The Day You Left Me

Thanks to Jody Nix - Twin Fiddles Turn Me On 2010  and Jean Prescott - Eyes Of Texas 1999 at Brodie for this record!

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