Nikki Lane - Walk of Shame 2011


Nikki Lane - Walk of Shame 2011

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The base elements that made Florence and the Machine such an astronomically successful British pop act are the same things that will prevent Nikki Lane from becoming Florence’s American counterpart. While she shares a similar fascination with the retro-female sounds of yore (British minstrelsy for Florence, country western for Lane) and has the distinct ability to craft hooky pop songs in her own vein, Lane is hamstrung by her decision to idolize and imitate those nonironic, older-skewing country stars that never get mentioned outside of their genre, with the occasional Tarantino movie excepted. That said, Lane’s debut, Walk of Shame, is a clever and punky update of some of the sounds that too often get forgotten in the race to sound “new.”

01. Lies
02. Walk of Shame
03. Coming Home to You
04. Gone, Gone, Gone
05. Sleep for You
06. Look Away
07. Hard Livin
08. Save You
09. Come Away Joe
10. Blue Star In the Sky
11. I Can't Be Satisfied

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