Lisa Stewart - Lisa Stewart (1993)


Lisa Stewart  - Lisa Stewart (1993)

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Lisa is one of many talented singers that were given a chance on a major label only to disappear back into obscurity when the first album failed to sell. Country music wasn't always like this. For example, Reba McEntire had two flop albums before making a breakthrough with her third album. So, this is Lisa's only album but it's a classic. It does not have any up-tempo songs on it and that may have its downfall - this was 1993 when country music was boosted by interest in line-dancing, therefore up-tempo songs were in big demand. The style of the album is a blend of traditional and nineties country with Patsy Cline being an obvious influence. There are electric guitars, drums and strings but the steel guitarist, Sonny Garrish, makes his presence felt clearly, with there is also a fiddle and other acoustic instruments.

There is some variation in pace, with some mid-tempo songs providing a contrast to the slow songs. The three singles released were Somebody's in love, Drive time and Under the light of the Texaco, all of them excellent but none of them making sufficient impact to help album sales. Some of the other songs have been recorded by others including That makes one of us (Forester sisters) and There goes the neighbourhood (Shania Twain) but the most famous song here is the sixties country classic, Don't touch me. Originally a country hit for Jeannie Seely, many country singers have covered it since then.

Two of the other songs (If I was her, Forgive and forget) were co-written by Lisa Angelle, who has been a successful songwriter in recent years. She released an album of her own eventually but, like Lisa Stewart, was unable to release a follow-up. The final track, Is it love, was co-written by Byron Gallimore, who has been very successful as a songwriter and producer for Jo Dee Messina and others. Great as all these songs are, my favorite is Old-fashioned broken heart, an outstanding traditional country ballad with aching steel guitar.

This is a brilliant album of country love songs. It is a pity that record companies are so ruthless these days. Given a fair chance, Lisa could have been a major star.

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1. Somebody's in Love     
2. Drive Time     
3. Don't Touch Me     
4. Under the Light of the Texaco     
5. Old-Fashioned Broken Heart     
6. If I Was Her     
7. Forgive and Forget     
8. That Makes on of Us     
9. There Goes the Neighborhood
10. Is It Love      

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