The Shane Rogers Band - Collection 2011


The Shane Rogers Band  - Collection 2011

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The Shane Rogers Band is Based out of the Amarillo/Lubbock area and has been playing since 2001. Known for their live shows, this Texas country band has been infused with influences from rock, funk, blues and many other genres of music to create a unique sound. While currently working on their third album they continue to tour and play relentlessly. Don't miss the chance to see this band and share their music with your friends!

01.  This Glass is Half Empty
02.  Sober
03.  She Walked On
04.  Southern Rebel Girl
05.  Sad Song
06.  Cheatin Man's Mind
07.  Dreamin' of You
08.  Jacked Up
09.  The Price
10.  Holdin' Out For Heather

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