Thrasher Shiver - Thrasher Shiver 2010


Thrasher Shiver - Thrasher Shiver 2010

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Thrasher Shiver was a contemporary country duo known for evocative vocal harmonies. Neil Thrasher came from a family of singers. His father Joe played with the country gospel group the Thrasher Brothers. Neil got his start as a singer with his father's band, and eventually moved on to demo and background vocal work in Nashville. Before he united with Thrasher, Kelly Shiver led a contemporary bluegrass combo called County Line. He also was involved in Nashville's thriving demo and songwriting circuits. The two performers eventually met through influential country impresario Bob Doyle, whose Doyle & Associates managed Garth Brooks. After meeting in Doyle's office one day, Thrasher and Shiver began writing and recording together, and it was immediately apparent that their voices meshed perfectly. In 1995, they signed to Asylum, and the label issued their self-titled debut in September 1996. Thrasher and Shiver wrote the majority of the record themselves, and were lauded for their traditional approach to modern country. Their version of the Delmore Brothers' classic "Blues Stay Away from Me" appeared on the Asylum-released soundtrack to the 1997 film Traveller. They continued to write songs for the Nashville crowd -- both as a duo and separately -- throughout the rest of the '90s.

01 - Goin' Goin' Gone
02 - All the King's Horses
03 - Closer
04  - You and I Belong
05 - She's the Only One
06 - Run Like the Wind
07 - Tragedy
08 - Between the Stones and Jones
09 - The Rails
10 - That's My Girl
11 - Be Honest

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