Johnny Bush & Johnny Rodriguez - Texas Legends (2009)


Johnny Bush & Johnny Rodriguez - Texas Legends (2009)

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Heart of Texas Records is proud to team Johnny Rodriguez and Johnny Bush together for the very first time in "Texas Legends." This projects features two old friends creating some special Country Music in their unique Texas way.

Johnny Rodriguez grew up as a fan of Johnny Bush. Bush offered encouragement and even gave Rodriguez one of his first guitars. The two artists worked several shows together throughout the years, but never entered the recording studio together until 2009.

"Texas Legends" features some terrific selections from both Johnnys. The album is highlighted by some duets including "Troubles" "Old Worn Out Cowboys" "Vamoose Vamonos" along with each artists doing some solo work as well. Bush turns to Bill Anderson's writing skills in "You Lied To Me" while Rodriguez tackles the beautiful balad "What Do I Do With Me Now."

Johnny Rodriguez and Johnny Bush "Texas Legends" is sure to become a Country Music milestone in the career of both Bush and Rodriguez and hopefully the beginning of more to come.

1. You Lied To Me            
2. Troubles            
3. Rio Grande Runs Red            
4. Old Wore Out Cowboys            
5. If Cheaters Never Win            
6. Vamoose Vamonos            
7. What Do I Do With Me Now            
8. Theres Somedbody Else On Your Mind            
9. If I Haven't Said I Love You            
10. Leaving Lying Down            
11. Soft Place To Fall

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