Jubal Lee Young - Take It Home 2011


Jubal Lee Young - Take It Home 2011

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It’s probably time to quit referring to Young as the son of Steve Young because he’s become an artist on his own much the way Justin Townes Earl has. That said he does cover a couple of the old man’s songs and does them proud. His originals are first rate and working with a band that feature Mickey Raphael and Mac Gayden among others ain’t bad either. He’s recorded before, but this is really his coming out party if you ask me. One of our favorites this month.

01. Just To Satisfy You         
02. Neon River          
03. Angel With A Broken Heart          
04. Riding Down The Highway         
05. Renegade Picker        
06. Don't You Dare Love Her         
07. Stark Raving Mad         
08. You Only Call Me When You're Drunk     
09. You Make Me     
10. Have You Met Me?         
11. Good To You         
12. Why Does It Always Rain?     
13. There Ain't No Outlaws Anymore

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