Steve Parry - The Fight Left In Me (2011)


Steve Parry - The Fight Left In Me (2011)

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Steve Parry comes from Minnesota, land of John Gorka, Bob Dylan and Greg Brown. Raised in a small farming community Midwestern Steve gave a realistic view of life. As a young man, had the opportunity to travel the world and enjoy your exposure to people of all professions. His travels also led him to live music in some cities emblematic of our country as Seattle, Chicago, New Orleans. The experiences of different cultures to make friends later helped Steve develop the stories of their songs. Music of Steve made ​​public feel that they live their stories first hand. It gives the listener the opportunity to be part of history. As the songs develop and take shape, listeners will know the look of the characters, what they see, what they hear and finally how they feel. You may even dust can track dirt on his boots after listening.
Some storytellers Steve Favorites colleagues are John Prine, Slaid Cleaves, Michael O 'Connor, Verlon Thompson, Guy Clark, Jonathan Byrd and Steve Earle to name a few. Is happiest when memory can cause a melody from the past, or create a new one with a new song. When he sees his audience smiling and touching her fingers one he knows a connection has been made. Music Steve has appeared on the FM radio in the United States, Europe and Australia as well as a number of internet-based stations.

1. Pocket Full Of Dreams    
2. What You Meant To Me      
3. So Sings The Cowboy       
4. My Name Is Martin Gibson  
5. Tao Of Betsy              
6. Till Im Dead              
7. Raising Hell              
8. Gum On Your Shoe          
9. Where They Stay          
10. Hope                   

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