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Keith Norris - Along for the Ride 2000

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1.Along for the Ride            
2.Burnin' Your Bridges at Both Ends            
3.It Was Love            
4.On My Way to Texas            
5.Where Would I Be Now            
6.Cry, Cry Again            
7.Get Out of My Dreams            
8.Viento, Mi Amigo            
9.Blue Fire            
10.Some Get Called For Rain

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Keith Norris - Deuce 2003

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1. Hurt Me All the Time
   2. How High Did You Go
   3. Should I Take That As a No
   4. Don't Try This At Home
   5. Two Step Program
   6. Heaven, Hell or Houston
   7. Fishin' in a Hurricane
   8. It's My Lie
   9. Too Cool for Horses
 10. You Know It's Country
 11. Key of Heartache
 12. Lighthouse
 13. Opportunity of a Lifetime
 14. Me and the Horse
 15. It Ain't a Party

Thanks to Keith Norris at Countryboy for this record!

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