Donald Fuller - The Texas Twister (2007)


Donald Fuller - The Texas Twister (2007)

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Below is the track list for The Texas Twister by Donald Fuller. If you're looking for track and album information on your favorite country artists, you've come to the right place. Country has one of the largest databases consisting of country music artists, albums, and track data available. Donald Fuller released The Texas Twister on August 28th, 2007. Be sure to browse around other albums similar to The Texas Twister.

1.When I Hear There She Goes (I Fall to Pieces)
2.That Old Flame Still Lights My Fire
3.You Hurt the Fool Out of Me
4.The Texas Twister
5.Does Anyone Remember My Daddy?
6.Callin' Dr. Phil
7.Nothin' to It
8.It's All Comin' Back to Me Now
9.'riginal Recipe
10.Bubba Louise
11.When My Heart Is Ready
12.My Train of Thought Keeps Jumpin' the Track
13.It Wouldn't Hurt
14.First Thing After Last Call

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