Jerry Jeff Walker - Texas - Enter At Your Own Risk 2009


Jerry Jeff Walker - Texas - Enter At Your Own Risk 2009

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01. Jerry Jeff Walker - Keep Texas Beautiful (5:20)
02. Jerry Jeff Walker - Couldn't do Nothin' Right (4:46)
03. Jerry Jeff Walker - Eastern Avenue River Railway Blues (5:21)
04. Jerry Jeff Walker - I Love You (3:53)
05. Jerry Jeff Walker - LA Freeway (2:03)
06. Jerry Jeff Walker - Leroy (3:03)
07. Jerry Jeff Walker - Long Afternoons (3:29)
08. Jerry Jeff Walker - Stoney (4:19)
09. Jerry Jeff Walker - Very Short Time (3:44)
10. Jerry Jeff Walker - The Dutchman (5:18)
11. Jerry Jeff Walker - Won't You Give Me One More Chance (4:20)
12. Jerry Jeff Walker - Leavin Texas (4:25)
13. Jerry Jeff Walker - Some Day l'll get Out of These Bars (4:13)
14. Jerry Jeff Walker - Navajo Rug (3:03)
15. Jerry Jeff Walker - Old Five and Dimers Like me (3:15)
16. Jerry Jeff Walker - Ramblin' & Scramblin' (4:25)
17. Jerry Jeff Walker - Pissin in the Wind (4:02)
 18. Jerry Jeff Walker - George's Bar (4:35)

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