Josh Logan - I Am What I Am 2009


Josh Logan - I Am What I Am 2009

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Josh Logan (born in Cartersville, Kentucky) is an American country music artist. He has recorded three albums, including one for the Curb Records label in 1988. This album, Somebody Paints the Wall, included three chart singles, two of which were later released by other artists as well: the title track by Tracy Lawrence, and "I Was Born with a Broken Heart" by Aaron Tippin, who also co-wrote it. Logan released a second album, Something Strange, in 1995, followed by Cartersville, Kentucky Country Boy in 2003.


1. I am What I am
2.Dead And Gone
3.I'll Need You.
4.Somebody Paints The Wall
5.I Made You a Woman
6.I Was Born With A Broken
7.Hell Yes I Cheated
8.Gentle Rain
9.50 Dollars
10.Shotgan Wedding

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