Buffalo Clover - Low Down Time 2011


Buffalo Clover - Low Down Time 2011

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It is probably fair to say I am smitten with Buffalo Clover already, cemented by the all-important live viewing at the recent Treetop Flyers show. The fact that this band is not huge already is frankly a travesty.

Having missed out on a vinyl copy of the album due to some overzealous customs officials I managed to acquire a CD of ‘Low Down Time’ instead. The core of the band is certainly Americana/Country rock but they frequently venture from this blueprint to visit many eclectic styles and hint at a multitude of influences.

Things start in fine style with ‘Can’t Stand Still’ a declaration of independence with Margo declaring ‘why would I want to stay home all night washing dishes in the kitchen sink?’ over an irresistible southern groove. As you discover throughout the album though, for every heartfelt sentiment there is plenty of dry humour for those paying attention with Margo imparting her sisterly wisdom of ‘I’ve got to tell my little sisters, not to do the way I do, cause the pills won’t help take away the pain like the whiskey and the cocaine do’.

The sultry soul of ‘Good Man’ is balanced nicely with some playful lyrics and James Brown rhythms whilst ‘Oh Well’ kicks off like The Beatles played by Jack White.

‘Seek Me Out’ is outstanding, mixing a ‘Born To Run’ feel piano intro with Margo Price’s superstar-in-waiting vocals. Dolly Parton backed by The E-Street Band if you will. A timeless melody and on an album filled with beautiful tracks, this ranks as my favourite.

New single ‘Saint Cathleen’ tips a cowboy hat to Creedence Clearwater Revival and builds to one of the best choruses on the album before the LP closes on the understated ‘Sea Breeze Revisited’. A softly picked guitar with Margo’s country twang opens before an almost Doo-Wop chorus and guitar solo round off the proceedings in style.

It is easy to get carried away focusing just on Margo’s voice, subtlety and (genuine) emotion over the usual X-Factor bluster, but without the band it would not have the impact. The whole album has a warm analogue sound and no doubt the vinyl version will be both audibly and visually stunning. With a sound deeply rooted in the 60s/70s but with a modern twist keeping it fresh and relevant, Buffalo Clover have produced a stunning album that defies genres and is quite simply a joy from start to finish

01. Can't Stand Still
02. Cure Me
03. Nobody Cares
04. Good Man
05. Don't Lie To Yourself
06. Oh Well
07. Seek Me Out
08. Oklahoma
09. Saint Cathleen
10. Sea Breeze Revisited

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