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Kevin Sharp - Measure of a Man 1996

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Kevin Grant Sharp (born December 10, 1970) is an American country music artist, author, and motivational speaker. Sharp made his debut on the country music scene in 1997 with a cover of R&B artist Tony Rich's single "Nobody Knows", a cover which topped the Billboard country charts for four weeks. Sharp's debut album, Measure of a Man, was released the same year, producing additional Top 5 singles in "If You Love Somebody" and "She's Sure Taking It Well." A second album for Elektra/Asylum, entitled Love Is, was released in 1998, but it produced no Top 40 hits. He did not record another album until 2005's Make a Wish, released on the independent Cupit label.

Having survived a rare form of bone cancer in his teenage years, Sharp has also become actively involved in the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He has also written an inspirational book about his experience, and occasionally tours the United States as a motivational speaker, while maintaining his career in country music.

1. Measure of a Man
2. Nobody Knows
3. If You Love Somebody
4. There's Only You
5. She's Sure Taking It Well
6. Strength to Love, The
7. Love Bomb
8. I'm Already Loving You Too Much
9. Population 4000 Minus 1
10. Somebody's Baby
11. Love at the End of the Road

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Kevin Sharp - Love Is - 1998

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Kevin Sharp's second album, Love Is, continues the countrified adult contmeporary pop direction that he began on his debut, Measure of a Man. Without producer David Foster in tow, Sharp's sound has become a little less slick, but producer Chris Farren keeps the sound clean and polished. There are still problems with material, but his singing is more confident than before, which makes the weaker songs more convincing. Nevertheless, Sharp really shines only on the singles, which do stand out from the remainder of the album. And, like any other singles artist, his album is pleasant, but ultimately not as memorable as the hits themselves.

01 - Kiss The Girl
02 - We Can Get Though This
03 - If She Only Knew
04 - She Just Has To Be Mine
05 - Still Love
06 - I'm Trying
07 - Typical
08 - What Other Man
09 - So Tears Wont Fall
10 - Scared Like That Again
11 - Her Heart Is Only Human

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Kevin Sharp - Make a Wish 2005

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01. I Am The Workin’ Man
02. You Are The Reason Why
03. Let Me Rock You To Sleep
04. I Think I’ll Stay
05. Make A Wish
06. Your Love Reaches Me
07. You Showed Me How To Love
08. All I Could Say
09. What Some People Throw Away
10. They Listen To The Music
11. Nobody Knows
12 - I Am The Working Man (Bonus - Music Only Track)
13 - You Are The Reason Why (Bonus - Music Only Track)
14 - Let Me Rock You To Sleep (Bonus - Music Only Track)
15 - I Think I'll Stay (Bonus - Music Only Track)
16 - Make A Wish (Bonus - Music Only Track).
17 - Your Love Reaches Me (Bonus - Music Only Track)
18 - You Showed Me How To Love (Bonus - Music Only Track)
19 - All I Could Say (Bonus - Music Only Track)
20 - What Some People Throw Away (Bonus - Music Only Track)
21 - They Listen To The Music (Bonus - Music Only Track)
22 - Nobody Knows (Bonus - Music Only Track)

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