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Cleve Francis - Tourist in Paradise 1992

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01. Love Light
02. You Do My Heart Good
03. Feathers
04. How Can I Hold You
05. Happy
06. The Tip of My Fingers
07. Rock Solid
08. You're the Reason They Write Love Songs
09. Those Were the Days, These Are the Nights
10. Tourist in Paradise

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Cleve Francis - Walkin' 1993

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While he dreamed of a career in country music as a boy and even learned guitar as a youth, performing seemed destined to became only a hobby when Cleve Francis obtained his degree from the Medical College of Virginia in 1973. Francis moved to Washington, D.C., and established himself as a cardiologist. However, he was soon moonlighting in local clubs as a singer, and even self-released three albums on his own label. Francis' real break came through heart-attack patient Olaf Hall, whose brother was "Big John" Garfield Hall, a member of the R&B band the Heartbeats. Big John helped Francis, who signed him and released an album; while it didn't sell well, his debut single and video, "Love Light," released in 1990, both won critical acclaim. The widespread attention led to a deal with Liberty, who released Francis' Tourist in Paradise in 1991, when he was 48. It marked the first prominent contract for a black country artist since Charley Pride. The album featured a re-recorded version of "Love Light"; it and two other cuts from the record became minor chart hits. Two years later Francis returned with Walkin'. Its title track made a few waves, but failed to make him a household name. You've Got Me Now appeared in 1994 on Liberty, but by 1995 Francis had left the industry and returned to his medical career. In 1998, he was one of the motivational forces behind Warner's From Where I Stand: The Black Experience in Country Music.

01. Walkin'
02. Run Like the Wind
03. I Won't Let You Walk Away
04. If You'll Stop Hurting Me
05. One More Last Chance
06. Your Love Stays With Me
07. When Will It Be Love
08. I Was Losing You
09. Heartaches on Parade
10. You Can't Call It Love

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Cleve Francis - You've Got Me Now 1994

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01. Love or the Lack Thereof
02. We Fell in Love Anyway
03. Not Even Monday
04. It Ain't Gonna Worry My Mind
05. You've Got Me Now
06. A Love Like This
07. Here You Are
08. The Only Explanation
09. If You'll Let This Fool Back In
10. What I Wouldn't Give

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