Kevin Denney - Kevin Denney (2002)


Kevin Denney - Kevin Denney (2002)

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Kevin Denney grew up in Monticello, KY, with a bluegrass and gospel background. After attending a George Strait concert, Denney definitively decided that pursuing a music career was his destiny. After joining a local band, Denney finally joined the roster of Lyric Street Records. His first single, "That's Just Jessie," was released in 2002, and made Billboard's Country singles charts. His self-titled debut album came out in April of that year and also did well, charting in Billboard's Top 20, propelled by the success of his second single, "Cadillac Tears."

01 It Don't Matter
02 Correct Me If I'm Right
03 That's Just Jesse
04 Cadillac Tears
05 It'll Go Away
06 Takin' Off The Edge
07 My Kind Of Song
08 We Rhyme
09 That's What I Believe
10 Ain't Skeered
11 Daddy Was A Navy Man

Thanks to Kevin Denney at Bradie for this record!

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