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Austin Allsup - Intensity 2005

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His father is the legendary Tommy Allsup, who resides in Fort Worth, Texas. He was 17 years old when Tommy began teaching him the guitar. Austin quickly got “the itch” and knew that he could actually play guitar, sing, and make a living at it. His creativity began flowing and he started writing his own material and soaking in as much as he could about playing music. At the ripe old age of 20, Austin met Mike McClure, and together they formed a dynamic acoustic team. They write songs, sing, and perform together. Mike produced Austin’s first album, “Intensity”. The album is appropriately named because in Austin’s vocals, the listener can’t help but experience the feelings and emotion of the songs. Most of the album is all of Austin’s original writing, with a few co- writes with McClure and Kevin Webb. Austin has certainly done more in a very short amount of time than most. He’s played everywhere from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, to venues spanning across Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Tennessee, and all thru the mid west. There is certainly something for everyone who listens to Austin’s music and watches him perform. Austin’s music and style is unique, with some influences from Alice in Chains, Van Morrison, Ryan Adams, Merle Haggard and Bob Wills. In addition to Austin’s powerful and moving voice, he is blessed with an extremely talented band like Tim Alexander on B-3 Organ, Mike McClure and Kevin Webb on guitars and Eric Hanson on drums. From the first chord of every show, Austin and his players have the audience at full attention, and they keep it until the very end. Austin Allsup is certainly an artist that turns heads and is going to change the way that people look at independent artists. For more information, See: His website.

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01 - Briley
02 - Dyin' Days
03 - When Your Down
04 - I Really Want To Know
05 - Put Yourself In My Shoes
06 - Tiffany
07 - If You Want It That Much
08 - Grandpa
09 - Mexico
10 - Reason
11 - Kinda

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Austin Allsup - Cryin' Out Loud 2009

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01 - Patience Of A Pearl
02 - Blows Away
03 - Cryin' Out Loud
04 - Take Me With You
05 - Free Ride
06 - Walking
07 - Heaven Holds My Road
08 - Sweet Love
09 - Briley
10 - Cocaine Rodeo

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