Charly McClain - Best Of 1980 - 1989


Charly McClain - Best Of 1980 - 1989

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Originally named Charlotte, Charly McClain was given her masculine moniker by neighborhood friends in Memphis, and she also used it when she started playing hotel lounges. When Epic Records decided it sounded catchier than Charlotte, it became a permanent professional banner. McClain's father had tuberculosis when she was eight, and, since she was under age for visitation rights at the hospital, she had to communicate with him through a tape recorder. That inspired her interest in recording, and by age 17 she was a regular on the club circuit.....

01.Charly McClain - Band Of Gold.
02.Charly McClain - Dancing Your Memory Away
03.Charly McClain - Don't Touch Me There.
04.Charly McClain - Fly Into Love
05.Charly McClain - Let's Put Our Love In Motion
06.Charly McClain - Men.
07.Charly McClain - Radio Heart.
08.Charly McClain - Sentimental Ol' You
09.Charly McClain - Sleepin' With The Radio On
10.Charly McClain - Some Hearts Get All The Breaks.
11.Charly McClain - Surround Me With Love.
12.Charly McClain - The Very Best Is You.
13.Charly McClain - Who's Cheatin' Who
14.Charly McClain - With You.
15.Charly McClain - Women Get Lonely.
16.Charly McClain & Wayne Massey - When It's Down To Me And You.
17.Charly McClain & Wayne Massey - With Just One Look In Your Eyes.
18.Charly McClain & Wayne Massey - You Are My Music, You Are My Song.

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