Eddy Raven - Best Of 1980 - 1989


Eddy Raven - Best Of 1980 - 1989

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Born Edward Garvin Futch, it's no wonder that his name was changed by a record executive to Eddy Raven on his very first single, released on tiny Cosmos Records in the late '60s. Numerous influences have made his music almost indescribable: the Cajun sounds of his native Louisiana, the blues influence from working with Johnny Winter, the rock & roll of his idol, Elvis Presley, and the pure country of the Grand Ole Opry. Befriended by Jimmy C. Newman, Raven made the first of many trips to Nashville in 1970, though he didn't move permanently for a couple of years.

01.Eddy Raven - A Little Bit Crazy.
02.Eddy Raven - Bayou Boys.
03.Eddy Raven - Dealin' With The Devil
04.Eddy Raven - I Could Use Another You.
05.Eddy Raven - I Got Mexico.
06.Eddy Raven - I Should've Called.
07.Eddy Raven - I Wanna Hear It From You.
08.Eddy Raven - I'm Gonna Get You.
09.Eddy Raven - In A Letter To You
10.Eddy Raven - Joe Knows How To Live.
11.Eddy Raven - Operator, Operator
12.Eddy Raven - Peace Of Mind
13.Eddy Raven - Right Hand Man
14.Eddy Raven - San Antonio Nights.
15.Eddy Raven - She's Gonna Win Your Heart
16.Eddy Raven - She's Playing Hard To Forget
17.Eddy Raven - Shine, Shine, Shine.
18.Eddy Raven - Sometimes A Lady.
19.Eddy Raven - Til' You Cry.
20.Eddy Raven - Who Do You Know In California
21.Eddy Raven - You Should've Been Gone By Now.
22.Eddy Raven - You're Never Too Old For Young Love.

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