Clay Davidson - Unconditional 2000


Clay Davidson - Unconditional 2000

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Clay Davidson (born April 4, 1971 in Saltville, Virginia) is an American country music artist. He signed to Virgin Records' Nashville division in late 1999, Davidson released his debut album Unconditional on April 11, 2000. Its title track was a top 5 hit for him on the Billboard country charts, and the album produced two more Top 30 hits. Davidson was later transferred to Capitol Records Nashville after Virgin Nashville's lineup was merged into Capitol, although he did not record anything for Capitol and was soon dropped. Unconditional remains his only album.

01. Makin' Hay
02. I Can't Lie To Me
03. Unconditional
04. Plain Ol' Pain
05. Sometimes
06. My Best Friend And Me
07. Doghouse Rights
08. Come Rain Or Shine
09. One More Day
10. What Was I Thinking Of
11. We're All Here

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