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The Band Of Heathens - The Band Of Heathens 2008

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The Band of Heathens are an Americana band from Austin, Texas. The three principal songwriters - Colin Brooks, Ed Jurdi and Gordy Quist - shared the bill at Momo's, an Austin club. Originally, each singer/songwriter performed his own set. However, they eventually started sharing the stage, and collaborating together with bassist Seth Whitney. The Wednesday night series was billed as "The Good Time Supper Club". A misprint in a local paper billed the act as "The Heathens." In 2007, drummer John Chipman joined the band. Also notable is a version of "Ain't No More Cane", a traditional prison work song of the American south. The Austin based Band of Heathens included their distinctive arrangement of the old song on their "Live at Momo's" album. In November 2008 the Americana Music Association announced the Top 100 Albums of the Americana Charts for 2008 and The Band of Heathens came in at No. 8, thus referencing the Band Of Heathens Album as the 8th most played record on the Americana Airplay Charts for 2008. In July, 2009 BOH taped an Austin City Limits show that aired in the Fall of 2009. The year was especially significant for ACL in that Austin City Limits was celebrating its 35th anniversary year. The band's unique genesis and creativity were highlighted during the Austin City Limits interview conducted after their performance. The TV performance showcased a set by both the Band Of Heathens and Elvis Costello. Following the Austin City Limits PBS show, the band also played on the German television live concert series Rockpalast on October 9, 2009, performing 14 songs, many from the albums "Band Of Heathens" and "One Foot In The Ether." In 2009, the band was nominated for a "New Emerging Artist" award by the Americana Music Association. In 2010, the band was again honored by the Americana Music Association as nominees for the "Best Duo/Group of the Year". - wikipedia

1. The Band Of Heathens - 01 - Don't Call On Me (5:11)
2. The Band Of Heathens - 02 - Jackson Station (3:47)
3. The Band Of Heathens - 03 - Maple Tears (4:37)
4. The Band Of Heathens - 04 - Heart On My Sleeve (3:28)
5. The Band Of Heathens - 05 - Second Line (3:41)
6. The Band Of Heathens - 06 - 40 Days (4:29)
7. The Band Of Heathens - 07 - This I Know (3:34)
8. The Band Of Heathens - 08 - Unsleeping Eye (4:43)
9. The Band Of Heathens - 09 - Cornbread (4:37)
10. The Band Of Heathens - 10 - Nine Steps Down (3:20)
11. The Band Of Heathens - 11 - Hallelujah (4:55)

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The Band Of Heathens - One Foot In The Ether 2009

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01. L.A. County Blues
02. Say
03. Shine The Light
04. Golden Calf
05. What's This World
06. You're Gonna Miss Me
07. Right Here With Me
08. Let Your Heart Not Be Troubled
09. Tell The Truth
10. Look At Miss Ohio 1
11. Talking Out Loud 
12. Hey Rider

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The Band Of Heathens - Life - Stuttgart 2009

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CD 1
1. Intro 1
2. Second Line
3. Shine A Light
4. Bumblebee
5. Rehab Facility
6. Chippin Away At The Promised Land
7. Walking And Talking
8. Broken Heart String
9. Wheels On The Ground
10. Talking Out Loud
11. Unsleeping Eye
12. Hallelujah/I've Got A Feeling
13. Intro 2
14. This I Know
15. Judas 'Scariot Blues
CD 2
1. One More Step
2. Nine Steps Down
3. Right Here With Me
4. Cornbread
5. You're Gonna Miss Me
6. Quarters And Dimes
7. Jenny Was A Keeper
8. Jackson Station
9. Ain't No More Cane
10. I Got You
11. Don't Call On Me

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The Band Of Heathens - Top Hat Crown & The Clapmaster's Son 2011

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01. Medicine Man
02. Should Have Known
03. Enough
04. Polaroid
5. Nothing To See Here
06. The Other Broadway
07. I Ain't Running
08. Gravity
09. Free Again
10. Hurricane
11. Gris Gris Satchel
12. Motherland

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