Steff Nevers - Live from The Country 2011


Steff Nevers - Live from The Country 2011

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STEFF NEVERS was born in Drammen, Norway in 1975, but grew up in Modum, Norway, where he developed a deep appreciation for and love of music. He wanted to be a classical violinist but became a guitar picker and a singer. After moving to Drammen city he developed his skills as a guitarist. He became a renowned musician in the district and has been hired as a session musician in many occasions. In 2007 he records his first album in Nashville, Tennessee with the best musicians available in the music industry today. After recording his first album his career started to escalade. In 2008 he signed a record deal with Universal Music and won a music competition organized by the local newspaper giving him a lot of publicity. Many people in the music industry were amazed by this new undiscovered home groan country talent from Norway. Exciting times are to come for Steff Nevers. ..

1. Bayou Girl 3:27
2. What's a good 'ol boy to do 2:51
3. What'll you do about me 3:11
4. The Dance 3:21
5. Cigarettes and coffee 3:40
6. Hard liqour,cold women and warm beer 2:45
7. Little Liza 5:39
8. Simple country life 3:42
9. Hotwired medley 2:46
10. I'm from the country 3:03
11. John Roland Wood 2:54
12. Scream Celebrate 3:56
13. Will the circle be unbroken 4:45

Thanks to Steff Nevers at Lili for this record!

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