Leo Rondeau - Down At The End Of The Bar (2009)


 Leo Rondeau - Down At The End Of The Bar (2009)

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Leo has been playing the Austin scene for a couple years now and has defitely made a name for himself in Texas and nationally. His most recent LP, Down At The End Of The Bar, was a huge hit and is a fantastic work of art, so be sure to check that out.
This local songwriter from North Dakota has gathered impressive support for Down at the End of the Bar, including Brennen Leigh, Lisa Pankratz, and Shotgun Party's Jenny Parrott. Rondeau's jaunts into Dixieland ("Rapture") and country ("Had I Known") are effortlessly pleasing, as are natural forays off the beaten path of his alt.country style ("Rhinestones," "Weary Owls").

1. No Friend To Louisiann
2. Down At The End Of The Bar
3. You Ain’t For Me
4. Weary Owls
5. She’ll Get The Advantage
6. Rapture
7. Blues Came Today
8. Rhinestones
9. Elephant In This Room
10. Had I Known
11. Better Place For You

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