Soma Communities - The Story: Vol 1 2010


Soma Communities - The Story: Vol 1 2010

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In Tacoma, a group of musicians and songwriters formed around the Story and wrote songs in response to what they had experienced during their time together. The songs they wrote and shared with each other were beautiful, powerful, and life-changing. They showcased these songs live at a monthly songwriter showcase in Tacoma. These events became an important time each month in our city as crowds gathered to hear these new songs that touched on eternal truths. The songs weren’t preachy or churchy, but were written from the heart—exposing weakness, need, grace, and hope.

This offering represents our first effort to record and share these songs—these stories—with you, your families, and friends. We hope they will encourage you as much as they encourage us. Any money made from the sale of this music will go to fund future recordings and new churches being started. Thanks for helping us continue on this amazing journey. There are more songs where these came from, so keep your eyes and ears open for the future...

01. Angels - Aaron Spiro
02. Good, Right, Perfect - Aaron Spiro
03. Hell to Pay - Brittany Alvis
04. Able - Aaron Spiro
05. Jealousy - Holly Campbell
06. Noah - Aaron Spiro
07. Shine On - Aaron Spiro
08. Into the Forest - Trevor Davis
09. Stay God - Brittany Alvis
10. Army of Angels - Aaron Spiro
11. Beautiful Morning - Aaron Spiro
12. Isaiah 60 - - Aaron Spiro
13. The Plow - Trevor Davis
14. Wooden Hall - Aaron Spiro

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