The Washers - The Washers 2012


The Washers - The Washers 2012

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Break out the boards and dust off the washers (hell, you might need to repaint them if it’s been that long!), because it’s time to start knocking the cobwebs off the old thron’ arm.

Thats right, folks– the time has come again to begin thinking about Washfest.

The Washers are proud to announce that the second annual Washfest festivities will be held on Saturday, January 21st, 2012 @ Hungerford Hall in the booming metropolis of Hungerford, TX. Festivities include the Two-Man team Washer Tournament (cash prizes for 1st and 2nd places), delicious food served by the Hungerford VFD, door prizes, and of course a great concert following the tournament featuring The Scott Taylor Band and The Washers. Hell, it’s all basically the same as last year, except this time, all proceeds go to SNOWDROP FOUNDATION (click on the link to go directly to their website to see all the great things these guys are doing!).

Hope to see everyone out having a great time in support of a great cause, and as always, peace, love, and texas music!

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01- Good Old Days
02- Two Left Feet
03- Everybody But Me
04- Real Thing
05- Here In Texas
06- Bag of Bones
07- The Wait
08- November
09- Trying To Make It Home
10- Regret
11- Ashes
12- Leaving Soon
13- Couple Extra Dollars
14- Gypsy
15- Broken Promiseland

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