Earl Thomas Conley - Best Of 1980 - 1989


 Earl Thomas Conley - Best Of 1980 - 1989

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Early in his career, Earl Thomas Conley's music picked up the label "thinking man's country." An accurate description -- Conley looks into the heart and soul of his characters, finding the motivations for their actions and beliefs. In the process, the astute listener can find fragments of himself/herself in nearly any Conley creation. Born into poverty in Portsmouth, OH, Conley struggled with the limits of his social class. He aspired to be a painter or actor, but found that his aspirations for music lingered after the other interests died down. Influenced by everyone from Hank Williams to the Eagles, Conley delved into the details of writing, trying to learn the craft by following the rules and regulations of the Music Row songwriting community. Eventually, torn by the limits of the "law," he found his own niche by breaking many of those same rules. His public self-analysis -- in both his songs and his interviews -- has proven inspirational to some, bothersome to others, but Conley has evolved stylistically, even though the "thinking man" label continues to follow him. He's admittedly chased a more commercial sound, with a certain degree of success, but the run for the dollars also put him into a financial bind. He spent part of the late '80s and early '90s overworking himself to pay off his debts. Although he has been a hitmaker for more than a decade, his contributions to country have often gone almost unnoticed.


01.Earl Thomas Conley - After The Love Slips Away.
02.Earl Thomas Conley - Angel In Disguise.
03.Earl Thomas Conley - Chance Of Lovin' You.
04.Earl Thomas Conley - Don't Make It Easy For Me.
05.Earl Thomas Conley - Fire And Smoke.
06.Earl Thomas Conley - Heavenly Bodies.
07.Earl Thomas Conley - Holding Her And Loving You.
08.Earl Thomas Conley - Honor Bound.
09.Earl Thomas Conley - I Can't Win For Losin' You.
10.Earl Thomas Conley - I Have Loved You Girl (But Not Like This Before).
11.Earl Thomas Conley - Love Don't Care (Whose Heart It Breaks).
12.Earl Thomas Conley - Love Out Loud.
13.Earl Thomas Conley - Nobody Falls Like A Fool.
14.Earl Thomas Conley - Once In A Blue Moon.
15.Earl Thomas Conley - Right From The Start.
16.Earl Thomas Conley - Silent Treatment.
17.Earl Thomas Conley - Somewhere Between Right And Wrong.
18.Earl Thomas Conley - Tell Me Why.
19.Earl Thomas Conley - That Was A Close One.
20.Earl Thomas Conley - What I'd Say.
21.Earl Thomas Conley - What She Is (Is A Woman In Love).
22.Earl Thomas Conley - Your Love's On The Line.
23.Earl Thomas Conley & Anita Pointer - Too Many Times.
24.Earl Thomas Conley & Emmylou Harris - We Believe In Happy Endings.
25.Earl Thomas Conley & Gus Hardin - All Tangled Up In Love.

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