Roger Creager - Discography


Roger Creager - Discography

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Soaring toward the top of the Texas music scene, award-winner Roger Creager has exhibited the perseverance and stick-with-it quality that is necessary when blazing one's own trail in country music. By the time he was six years old, Creager had set his heart on creating country music. Young Creager would sing at the top of his lungs when by himself, and was often found acting like a conductor throughout his school years. He began his formal musical training while in second grade playing the piano, and picked up the guitar during high school. During his teens he continued singing, mostly to himself due to shyness, and played with songwriting but didn't share his efforts with others.

Roger Creager - Having Fun All Wrong 1998

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01 I Can Too

02 Moving On

03 The Morning

04 The Everclear Song

05 Crying, Moaning

06 Feel Again

07 Until The Thought Of You

08 L.A. Freeway

09 Fun All Wrong

10 Let It Roll

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Roger Creager - I Got the Guns 2000

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1. Storybook 

2. Mother's a Redneck Too 

3. What's a Lonely Girl to Do 

4. I Got the Guns 

5. Rancho Grande 

6. The Day You Went Away 

7. A Feeling I Get 

8. Things Look Good Around Here 

9. Should've Learned By Now 

10. Love 

11. Goodbye 

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Roger Creager - Long Way to Mexico 2003

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01 Good Old Days

02 Love Is So Sweet

03 Shreveport To New Orleans

04 All For The Sake Of The Song

05 Gypsyland

06 Some Get Rich

07 Waiting On You

08 I Say When I Drink What I Thin

09 Delicacy Of A Rose

10 Long Way To Mexico

11 Love Is Crazy

12 Late Night Case Of The Blues

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Roger Creager - Live Across Texas 2004

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1. Introduction

2. Things Look Good Around Here

3. Mother's a Redneck, Too

4. Shreveport to New Orleans

5. Should've Learned by Now

6. I Got the Guns

7. Having Fun All Wrong

8. Storybook

9. Long Way to Mexico

10. Good Old Days

11. Late Night Case of the Blues

12. L.A. Freeway

13. Rancho Grande

14. Everclear Song, The

15. Love

16. Pirate Looks at Forty, A

17. Mucky Duck Outtakes, The

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Roger Creager - Here It Is 2008

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1. I Love Being Lonesome

2. Driving Home

3. I Loved You When

4. Tangle Me In You

5. I'm From the Beer Joint

6. Good Day For Sunsets, A

7. She Chose You

8. Let's Run

9. Habit (Needle In My Arm)

10. I'm Missing You

11. Man I Used To Be, The

12. My Ship Goes Down

13. Cowboys and Sailors

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