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Mike Lusk - Moving On 2008

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01. Moving On

02. Last Line of Resistance

03. Nobody's Perfect

04. Something Brewing

05. Wounds to Lick

06. Things I Shouldn't Do See

07. Ticket Outta Town

08. Except Me

09. Leaving You Behind See

10. What's Happening To Me?

11. Hold and Kiss You

12. Only Girl

13. Hafta Play

14. Third Time Lucky

15. Cracked Up to Be

16. Something in the Air

17. Overlooking You

18. Eye To Eye

19. Lost Love Crime

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Mike Lusk -  Six String Drifter 2011

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 1. Blue Suede Blues               

 2. Baby When I Get Home           

 3. Bring My Innocense With Me     

 4. Goodbye Never Felt So Good     

 5. Country Boy Country Girl       

 6. Heavenly Child                 

 7. Anchored Down In Tequila Town  

 8. Just Need Someone              

 9. Running From The Roses         

10. Six String Drifter             

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