Billy Joe Shaver


Billy Joe Shaver - Honky Tonk Heros (1994)

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1. Texas Uphere Tennessee

2. The Good Lord Knows I Tried

3. Ride Me Down Easy

4. When I Get My Wings

5. Ain't No God in Mexico

6. Love You Till the Cows Come Home

7. Woman Is the Wonder of the World

8. When the Word Was Thunderbird

9. America You Are My Woman

10. A Restless Wind

11. Evergreen

12. Billy B. Damned

13. We Stayed Too Long at the Fair

14. Honky Tonk Heroes

15. I'm Going Crazy in 3/4 Time

16. Gypsy Boy

17. Chicken on the Ground

18. Everything, Everywhere's

19. Slow Rollin' Low

20. Silver Wings of Time

21. The Believer

22. You Asked Me To

23. Lately I've Been Leaning Towards the Blues

24. I Couldn't Be Me Without You

25. Music City U.S.A.

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Billy Joe Shaver - Greatest Hits 2007

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1. Good Ol USA

2. Georgia On A Fast Train

3. Freedom's Child

4. Try And Try Again

5. Old Chunk Of Coal

6. Step On Up - (with Eddy Shaver)

7. Honky Tonk Heroes

8. Hottest Thing In Town

9. That's What She Said Last Night

10. When Fallen Angels Fly

11. I Couldn't Be Me Without You

12. Black Rose

13. Light A Candle For Me

14. Ride Me Down Easy

15. Melody

16. Old Five And Dimers

17. You Asked Me To

18. Live Forever - (with Big & Rich)

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