Shane Nicholson – Bad machines 2011

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Shane Nicholson – Bad machines 2011

Shane Nicholson is an Australian singer-songwriter from Brisbane in Queensland. He currently lives on the Central Coast in New South Wales with wife Kasey Chambers, with whom he has a son, Arlo Ray, born in July 2007.

Nicholson first appeared on the scene through a band formed in his last year of high school, called "Freak". This band went on to win the first round of Triple J Unearthed competition in the Sunshine Coast division. Shortly after this, the band name changed to Pretty Violet Stain which released an EP in 1997 called Blush and the long awaited LP Parachutes and Gravity in 2000. Both releases had minor hit songs on radio stations around the country, such as "Blush" and "Never Come Down".

The band split shortly after a lengthy delay in releasing the album and Shane decided to pursue a solo career and released the critically acclaimed It's a Movie in 2002. It was during the recording of this album with Nash Chambers that Nicholson met Kasey Chambers, who duetted with him on the lead single "Designed to Fade".

He toured in Australia, and made his United States debut at the South by Southwest Festival, which prompted his signing with Virt Records and a more extensive US tour.[1] USA Today named It's a Movie one of the top pop albums of 2004.[2] A second solo album, Faith and Science was released in 2006.

In 2008 Shane joined with wife Kasey Chambers for the critically acclaimed Rattlin' Bones roots/country album which eventually won an ARIA Award for Best Country release in Australia 2008, and also picked up 5 Golden Guitar Awards in Australia in 2009. Shane found time between tours to record a third solo album, Familiar Ghosts released in November 2008, which was also nominated for an ARIA Award for Best Country Album in 2009.

In recent years, Shane has also moved into music production, working on albums for artists such as Angie Hart (Frente), Catherine Britt, Sarah Humphreys, Nikki Jensen and others.

01. Famous Last Words
02. Blueberry Pie
03. Jimmie Rodgers Was A Vampire
04. Bad Machines   
05. The Broken Things
06. Fish And Whistle
07. Everywhere You Go
08. Money For Jam
09. Whistling Cannonballs (Feat. Paul Kelly)
10. Hammer And Nail
11. Not You, Again
12. Trick Knee Blues
13. Music Is Dead
14. Everywhere You Go(Reprise)

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